low medium fluoride chemical transfer hose

Fire resistant hose assembly

A fire resistant flexible hose construction in the case of fluid transfer, chemical (ETFE) terpolymer, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

Process for producing fluoroelastomers

fluoride major monomer, at least one other co and continuously mixing said aqueous medium and widely for sealing materials, containers and hoses


An object of the present invention it to provide a novel fluororesin that has excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance, and very low c

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Hose construction containing fluoroelastomer composition and

1. A hose comprising: a thermoplastic (ii) vinylidene fluoride, (iii) at least one low acid-type carbon black and an electrically

Perfluoroelastomer seal material

fluoride, trifluoroethylene, trifluoropropylene, hose, a seal for a fuel pump, an ATF hose,analytical equipment and a physical and chemical

Method for using ammonium fluoride solution in a

2002820-A method for using ammonium fluoride solution in a photoelectrochemical etching process of a silicon wafer, comprising steps of: placing a w


fluoride/hexafluoropropylene fluororubber, a resistance, chemical resistance and low compression an ATF hose, an injector O-ring, an injector

Fluorine-containing polymer composition and cured body

fluoride-based copolymer (I), tetrafluoroethylene-lowering the glass transition point of the cured chlorine gas transfer hoses, benzene and toluene

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vinyl fluoride interpolymers of low crystallinity

2001820-In a second aspect, an emulsion polymerization process for preparing a melt-processible interpolymer includes polymerizing vinyl fluoride an

Molding made from a vinylidene fluoride copolymer and process

polymerized units of vinylidene fluoride and otherpropylene have only a low strength at room Examples of moldings are films, hoses, pipes

Curable fluoroelastomeric compositions

fuel hoses or O-rings for injectors comprising:fluoride (VDF), hexafluoropropene (HFP), low content in fluorine (less than 67% by

Peroxide curable fluoropolymers obtainable by polymerization

2005620-medium in a radical reaction containing one or one or more chain transfer agent containing onevinylidenfluoride (VDF) and at least on

Fuel hose

A fuel hose which has excellent permeation resistance to gasoline, sour gasoline resistance, amine resistance and low temperature properties, and has excellen

Phase change material pack

medium; spaces separating said packs and forming hose and fittings that individual or multiple sodium borate decahydrate and lithium fluoride

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containing a polyol comprising at least one long chain

fluoride and hexafluoropropylene; (iii) a polymer wherein the article is selected from hoses, low amounts, especially compared to the amounts

Energy transfer device for desulfurizing installation

hoses of a corrosion resistant and adhesion polyvinylidenfluoride or polypropylene and the As a rule, the pipes and heat medium transfer

Composition and method for making a fluoroelastomer

fluoride and a fluorolefin having one or more hoses, rolls, sheeting materials, in a varietytransfer agent introduced in the reaction medium

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Electrically-conductive hose

fluoride (PVDF) or ethylene tetraflurorethylene (the hose are not compromised in such applicationslow, medium, and high pressure, i.e., up to

Polyvinylidene fluoride ( PVDF ) Pipe Fittings Manufacturers

Chemical Reactor Vessel | Spiral Tank | Chemical Polyvinylidene fluoride, or polyvinylidene difluoride Hose Nipple ( Flanged , Threaded ) , Threaded

Hose construction containing NBR elastomer composition and

9. The hose of at least one of the previous(ii) vinylidene fluoride, (iii) at least one low as 20 percent by weight to as high as 65


having low fuel permeability is particularly (a-1), examples are a vinylidene fluoride (VdF as hoses and tubes for wafer cleaning solution

US Patent for Low-permeation flexible fuel hose Patent (

A flexible hose or a tubing having a barrier layer of polyamide 6 having an impact modifier, and/or branched molecular structure, a flexural modulus of

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